Business Coaching to Develop Your Business

Faced with the loneliness of the entrepreneur, many entrepreneurs are now calling on a coach.

Long reserved for senior executives of large companies, executive support has largely expanded in recent years in the world of small and medium enterprises. The business coach has become a major player in SME / VSE development.

What is business coaching?

Business Coaching Melbourne Stride Group is all about supporting business leaders to develop their entrepreneurial potential in the different phases of business growth, from creation to transmission.
The main areas of intervention of the coach are the development of profitability, time management, and team management. These themes are very general but require specific answers.


The leaders concerned

CEOs using a coach are typically demanding business leaders who want to achieve their goals quickly by developing their potential. The comparison with the top-level athlete is regularly used in the Anglo-Saxon countries where Business Coaching is widely developed: being “good” is not enough to be on the podium, you have to be “excellent”, recover involved to progress.
Frequently expert in his job, but more rarely prepared for the job of an entrepreneur, he often lacks training, experience or confidence in his leadership role.

The contributions of business coaching

The coach allows you to have an outside look, to focus on the objectives while developing your competence in the management of a company. This is a real “formation” since knowledge is provided and assimilated in action, in the “real life of the company” depending on the situation: the arrival of a competitor, recruitment problem,…
Business coaching is not just training to develop skills. It requires a thorough work on the objectives of the leader, his vision, his project.

The definition of a vision: the priority

Defining a vision is not a “salesman” and deserves to be explained at the beginning of the program because this work may seem theoretical and too far from the priorities in the short term. However, it is a question of defining the final image which will make it possible to align all the pieces of the puzzle, to take all the operational decisions according to the goal to be reached. For this, the “coachee” must be fully involved in developing both the attitude and the necessary skills. The role of the coach is to find the right balance between the know-how and the know-how

How does the coach intervene?

The coach works on the motivation by focusing all the attention on a clarified vision, precise objectives. He intervenes in the commitment to obtain the results, allowing him to “get out of his comfort zone”, to release his potential to fulfill his “contract”. And finally, he develops the skills by assimilating new knowledge especially in areas on which the entrepreneur does not feel “at ease”: management, commercial development for example.

What is the specificity of business coaching?

The business coach intervenes at the level of the company director and measures its effectiveness with the company indicators such as profitability, turnover, customer satisfaction … The aim is to make the company manager autonomous so that he can then act alone. The business coach may also work with key employees or management teams in more structured companies.

How did it work?

The personalized coaching formula provides the fastest results.
These coaching programs last on average twelve months in the form of weekly sessions. One of the qualities required of the business coach is to know how to apply a structured methodology while keeping the necessary flexibility to be in phase with the life of the company.
Special attention is given to time management and the organization of the leader. It is at this stage that we will allow saving the time which will then be reinvested to work on his company. It is estimated that it takes between 3 and 5 hours per week to ensure real progress.
Experience also shows that alternating with group sessions can further enhance the effectiveness of programs. For this reason, it is advisable to participate in workshops focused on specific themes. These moments of exchange and openness make it possible to strengthen confidence, to integrate new ways of thinking and also to develop one’s network.
Collective coaching allows you to start a coaching program with a smaller budget. Several formulas exist on the market, but the keys to the success of these programs are still the same. Those interested are advised to be vigilant about the limited number of participants (12 people maximum), the minimum number of sessions (minimum 5 sessions), the realization of “practical work”, in their company, between two sessions and the personalized follow-up with a coach at start-up and during the program.

Role of a business lawyer In Tampa FL

business law

The business lawyer is the partner of the company

The business lawyer is the partner of the company. He advises and defends his client at all stages of the life of the company, whether for the drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts, hiring and firing procedures, employee profit-sharing, capital increases , agreements with the shareholders of the company, or during strategic operations, such as fundraising, build-up or joint venture operations, restructuring and, where appropriate, the transfer of the business.

The role of the business lawyer is above all to listen, to immerse oneself in the daily life of the company, to get to know how it works and the economic and competitive context in which it evolves to be able to advise it. usefully
The business lawyer is required to answer daily simple or complex questions, which require a thorough knowledge not only of the rule of law, but also of the market practice and the sector of activity of the company. he advises.

The business lawyer is associated with the projects of the company from their conception.

In order for the business lawyer at is to usefully fulfill his advisory role, he is associated with the company ‘s projects from the moment they are conceived.

At the stage of preparation, it provides above all strategic advice, in order to allow his client to conduct the operation well. This first phase of counseling is very important, as it often determines the steps and conditions for conducting the operation thereafter.

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Thus, when writing a letter of offer of business acquisition, the business lawyer will advise his client on the terms and conditions of the transaction he will propose to sellers. The letter of offer should take into account the acquirers’ knowledge of the business they intend to acquire, their financial ability to make the acquisition, and the legitimate expectations of the sellers. The business lawyer will advise his client on:

  • whether the offer is binding or not
  • the scope of the audits to be carried out
  • the financing structure of the operation
  • the rights and obligations of sellers and acquirers
  • deadlines for implementation.

The letter of offer is a short document, but crucial in an acquisition transaction because it determines the conditions that the parties undertake to respect (price and conditions of price revision, financing, rights and obligations of purchasers and vendors, turnaround times) during the procurement process.

The involvement of a business lawyer is therefore necessary to ensure that the acquisition process is conducted in accordance with the interests of its clients and practice.

The same applies to any other transaction, such as a fundraising, joint venture or business transfer transaction.

A good business lawyer is a lawyer who is familiar with the areas in which he is involved
Law is a complex matter. For example, a corporate lawyer, for example, must constantly update all formalities relating to capital increases, the rights of shareholders, the conditions of validity of certain clauses of the covenants. shareholders, etc. It will often be impossible for him to immerse himself deeply in related and highly technical fields, such as tax law, labor law or competition law.

However, a strategic corporate law transaction, such as a restructuring, merger, or business transfer transaction, will often include not only aspects of company law, but also tax aspects of labor law. or competition law. In order to be conducted well and efficiently, the business lawyer will be able to surround himself with other confreres specialized in these related fields.

Similarly, certain transactions require constant interaction with the company’s auditors or with its financial or strategy advisors.

The business lawyer will therefore be able to form or join a multidisciplinary team that will allow each transaction to be carried out, no matter how complex.

How to start your business?


There is only one way to start your business is to find customers. When you have customers, it is easy to design an adequate offer, find financing, choose the best performers, target your market, get the most useful equipment and find the best location.

But when we start. We have no customers!

So you have to start looking for it. It is this research that will provide the necessary information to describe an adapted offer, which will give us clues about the real demand, which will enable us to make assumptions about the workforce and the necessary equipment, to identify suppliers and partners. But I know it’s not easy,This article can be helpful in this process.

The business plan?

The bureaucracy pushes us to write a business plan in which we explain our mission, our vision, our offer. This business plan includes a market analysis and budget forecasts for several years. It’s easier, we find a model on the internet and we adapt it, but it’s not credible, we can not do the biography of someone who is not born!

To gather one’s courage.

The only available solution, which one will have to bend, is to find customers. I know it is difficult, this approach leads us to meet people who are suspicious, who do not understand what we are trying to explain and who will refuse our offer. But, we will learn what does not work, we will discover opportunities we have not thought of, we will find people who can help us and finally a first interested customer.

It is from this first customer that we will be able to describe a responsive offer, that we will be able to obtain financing, that we will know what type of employees we need and which supplier is the most advantageous.

The company that will emerge will be very different from the one we envisioned but it will be achievable. Of course we can not create a factory with this method, but the majority of those who want to start a business start modestly.

Plan ?

Of course you have to plan, but to plan, you need real information. The Opportunity Record is a way to plan step by step. It is a process that includes cycles of reflection, planning, action and evaluation. Business Coach Melbourne accompanies you in this process, he pushes you to clarify your ideas, questions your assumptions, encourages you to take action and adds new ideas.