These are the 6 health benefits of spicy food


Are you such a type that prefers to submerge all foods in the sambal or other spicy sauces? The sensation of spicy food is a real addiction for some. It is a healthy addiction, because various studies have shown that spicy food, and in particular the capsaicin dust, is good for your well-being. Below are 6 benefits of spicy food leaded by Mumbai Square restaurant in London. Asian People love to eat Spicy food even if they live any part of the world. They always look for Spicy Food Locations. Mumbai Square is a best Indian Restaurant in Whitechapel London, which offers a lot for Asian people, especially for India.

You live longer

The New York Times wrote in 2015 about a study that proved that spicy food is linked to longer life. Researchers from the American Harvard analyzed a Chinese study in which no less than 485,000 Chinese were followed for seven years. People who used chili peppers (and other herbs) to flavor their food had a 10% lower risk of death. In people who ate 6 to 7 times a week or so, the percentage was even 14%. The connection between spicy food and longer life is even stronger than between alcohol and aging and is most likely caused by the dust capsaicin that is present in peppers.

Less illnesses

Harvard researchers who analyzed the Chinese study also found that spicy food has the following health benefits:

  • less chance of cancer
  • less risk of cardiovascular disease due to cholestoral-lowering character
  • less chance of respiratory diseases

Inhibits inflammation

The piece of capsaicin, which makes peppers so incredibly healthy, reduces inflammation and even fights them.

Helps against headaches

The miracle dust capsaicin has an analgesic effect. Especially in combination with caffeine is a weapon that is used against headache and emerging migraine. Secretly put a little chili pepper in the sugar bowl.


Capsaicin, there it is again, ensures that your metabolism gets a boost and your body burns food faster.

Reduces stress

Serotine is a feel good hormone that is fueled by spicy food. Are you in a dip? Huppakee, a pepper in the ass. Uhm, mouth.

What we regularly do to get the above fabrics in abundance is using hot sauces. Below you can see three examples of hot sauces that set your mouth on fire for a good 10 minutes. It hurts, but it works well addictive. And it’s good for your body!