Difference between Quotation, Motto and Proverb

Difference between Quotation, Motto and Proverb

Quotations, slogans and proverbs are often confused with each other or with other concepts, although they have a certain relationship; has different meanings. As we know how important it is to know the differences between terms, here’s the difference between a quote, a motto and a proverb.

Difference between Quotation, Motto and Proverb


This noun is used to refer to the words someone else said or wrote, thus giving credit to the source. An appointment can be a sentence, a sentence, an extract from a book, a speech.

Often, appointments are selected and repeated because of their deep nature or because they were said or written by famous people or of great prestige. Usually, quotes are enclosed in quotation marks to emphasize that they are the exact words of someone else.

Appointments are usually used to express the meaning or purpose of a topic, as a point of support for an argument, or to provide direct information about the work being cited. In some cases they can also be done as a way of paying homage to an author, book or person who is given some relevance in the matter.

One of the main goals of dating is often to inspire philosophical thinking in readers.

Slogans or slogans

Slogans (as they are said to them in English) are catchy frans, usually of short extension, that use mainly the political parties , religious , companies, among others; as a way of expressing in a sentence all its ideas and purposes.

They are generally used by companies to attract the interest of the public towards their brand and attract new investors . They are basically used by all organizations to make their brand known.

A motto is a distinctive phrase , which is used to express the ideals and principles of an organization , person or group. It is considered as a very powerful marketing tool ; is a short , simple and catchy phrase that can be understood by all.

Although a motto varies in its writing, tone and visual idea; its nature of simple rhetoric, leaves very little space for details and acts as a social expression.


On the other hand, proverbs are statements that contain a truth or advice. It is a short phrase, in which the meaning of words is literal and can not be changed. Usually it imparts wisdom through its meaning.

For example:

When a dove begins to frequent crows, their feathers remain white; but his heart turns black. – German Proverb. As you can see, in the previous sentence is involved a deeper meaning and reflects a whole way of life. The word “proverb” derives from the Latin “proverbium” and is described as a basic form of metaphor , with which it is intended in many cases to regulate behavior.

Key differences between quotes, slogans and proverbs

A quotation is often represented in quotation marks and is a set of words spoken or written by someone with a certain authority and that are repeated or taken into account due to their depth or relationship with a certain subject. While slogans are short phrases that are used to summarize in them all the ideas and purposes of a group, company or person. On the other hand, proverbs are sententious statements whose purpose is usually to give advice or establish rules of conduct.