Jewelry for the Day of the Wedding

Jewelry for the Day of the Wedding

How to choose the Jewelry for the day of the Wedding

Already back from vacation and incorporated into work, we thought it would not be a bad idea to explain the changes we have made on our website. The idea of changes is based on two fundamental aspects. The first group the products of the web by categories, the second, and more importantly, the creation of different information sections. At the same time, these last ones have been cataloged in two groups: EDUCATION AND COUNCILS. The jewels for the wedding day are very important and we recommend visiting our website, or others, to have as much information as possible, and better yet, visit different jewelers after having dipped well on what matters to us.

On the other hand, we have categorized all types of rings for brides in WEDDING RINGS. From there the user has access to the different categories: Engagement Rings, Commitment Solitaires, Commitment Alliances, and Wedding Alliances.

Jewelry for the Day of the Wedding

Although the structure is very similar to the one that existed previously, there are small changes that are very important for us. You can see how in the footer (bottom of the web) we have implemented different links, highlighting our membership of the International Diamond Exchange and the RJC, Responsible Jewelry Council. Belonging to both societies allows us on the one hand to have immediate access to diamonds that are not in our stock and to all the necessary information of the diamond industry. The second company, RJC, gives us the possibility of being together with other companies in the sector in everything related to the responsibility of working with diamonds, gold … .etc. This company ensures that all its components comply with all recommendations on good practices in different sectors of the world of jewelry.

Similarly, the user can see that they have incorporated in the section WEDDING RINGS, and the referred subcategories, different ring models that incorporate smaller diamonds and that start from 0.15 ktes (with equal quality to those that we always offer to our customers). The incorporation of these diamonds in our establishment Midwest Jewellery makes it possible to acquire a jewel with diamonds at prices that otherwise could not acquire them previously.

So far we have not considered opening our website to online sales, and that because we firmly believe that a gem before buying it must be physically seen and tested. This is the best way to get it right and be clear that what you buy is what the customer really wants.

Notwithstanding the above, we are studying in the future to create a section for jewelry that does not exceed a certain price, jewelry that will have the same guarantee as if they were purchased in our establishment but that is more linked to punctual gifts that are in a range of reasonable prices to be acquired through a virtual store. As we say, this is an idea that to end up being a reality, will study all existing ways to reach the customer with the greatest of guarantees.