Difference between Quotation, Motto and Proverb

Difference between Quotation, Motto and Proverb

Quotations, slogans and proverbs are often confused with each other or with other concepts, although they have a certain relationship; has different meanings. As we know how important it is to know the differences between terms, here’s the difference between a quote, a motto and a proverb.

Difference between Quotation, Motto and Proverb


This noun is used to refer to the words someone else said or wrote, thus giving credit to the source. An appointment can be a sentence, a sentence, an extract from a book, a speech.

Often, appointments are selected and repeated because of their deep nature or because they were said or written by famous people or of great prestige. Usually, quotes are enclosed in quotation marks to emphasize that they are the exact words of someone else.

Appointments are usually used to express the meaning or purpose of a topic, as a point of support for an argument, or to provide direct information about the work being cited. In some cases they can also be done as a way of paying homage to an author, book or person who is given some relevance in the matter.

One of the main goals of dating is often to inspire philosophical thinking in readers.

Slogans or slogans

Slogans (as they are said to them in English) are catchy frans, usually of short extension, that use mainly the political parties , religious , companies, among others; as a way of expressing in a sentence all its ideas and purposes.

They are generally used by companies to attract the interest of the public towards their brand and attract new investors . They are basically used by all organizations to make their brand known.

A motto is a distinctive phrase , which is used to express the ideals and principles of an organization , person or group. It is considered as a very powerful marketing tool ; is a short , simple and catchy phrase that can be understood by all.

Although a motto varies in its writing, tone and visual idea; its nature of simple rhetoric, leaves very little space for details and acts as a social expression.


On the other hand, proverbs are statements that contain a truth or advice. It is a short phrase, in which the meaning of words is literal and can not be changed. Usually it imparts wisdom through its meaning.

For example:

When a dove begins to frequent crows, their feathers remain white; but his heart turns black. – German Proverb. As you can see, in the previous sentence is involved a deeper meaning and reflects a whole way of life. The word “proverb” derives from the Latin “proverbium” and is described as a basic form of metaphor , with which it is intended in many cases to regulate behavior.

Key differences between quotes, slogans and proverbs

A quotation is often represented in quotation marks and is a set of words spoken or written by someone with a certain authority and that are repeated or taken into account due to their depth or relationship with a certain subject. While slogans are short phrases that are used to summarize in them all the ideas and purposes of a group, company or person. On the other hand, proverbs are sententious statements whose purpose is usually to give advice or establish rules of conduct.

The Forced Meme

forced meme

Everyone knows what internet memes are. They are fun little phrases and images that are used in many conversations nowadays, and can be spotted on many popular social networking pages. Multifaceted in their use and down to their core they exist either to cause a reaction or to show one. Simply put, they have become a bizarre part of everyone’s internet culture and whether you like it or not, you will end up seeing that telltale troll face eventually on your computer screen.

Of course, not all memes are fun and games. Sometimes they do not even end up memes! This is what people call the “forced” meme, in which usually only the creator finds it funny and ends up trying to make it seem like it is to other people, often by faking multiple accounts to do so. It is the equivalent of telling the same bad joke at a party when no one finds it funny, and trying to get other people to tell it in order to spread that person’s own humor around in a forceful manner.

However, at the same time, a forced meme is not limited to trying to make your own prank popular for the masses. Compelling a real meme in a situation to which it does not belong is also something that tends to be frowned upon, as it shows a lack of creativity or lack of tact in this regard. People like this tend to cling to the idea that a meme is fun and try to use it whenever possible to adapt to the main crowd. Of course, instead of integrating, they end up being increasingly bored by that.

It is undeniable that meme and macro images on http://happydaysblog.com/category/meme/ have become a very large part of internet subculture today, but there are also many people who do not know how to use them. In a way it matches up to real life where social awkwardness is plentiful, and ironic that there are people on the internet who end up doing the same thing despite using the internet as a means to avoid awkward social interactions. Either way, their usage has reached the point where it is really love it or hate it, and more often than not people tend to use a lot of them wrong causing more hate than necessary.

There is a fine line between overused and forced, though at the same time recent trends has caused the two of these to mix together. People can all share a good laugh now and then but they just need to remember that there is always a time and place.

Guide For New Parents To Choose The Right Prams & Strollers

With the birth of the baby all dads and moms are crazy looking for the “essentials” for the newborn … that if the crib, the changing table, the bathtub … and as not the star, our new vehicle … the baby cart .
The problem arises as in everything when you start to look and you “sound like Chinese”, so much information, that if trios, duos, strollers, strollers, the cuckoo, the carrycot … and a host of features and data that overwhelm. We at least felt that way. We did not understand anything In addition each element has several names, to complicate the thing more.

You go to a store and they ask you if you want a threesome or duo … If Group 0 or Group 0 0+ or Group 0-1 … If you want 4 or 3 wheels, if they are inflatable or anti-puncture … and you do not know the answer to the questions.

After this experience we decided to help future dads, with a guide where we will try to clarify concepts and words first, so that it does not sound “Chinese” and then we have compiled a series of questions that you have to ask before you start choosing the cart.

To go to the store or search the Internet for something more specific. So you know what you need. Because not once did we receive calls from moms or dads who bought a cart and realized with the use that they had made a mistake. Because they live in a town and have bought a small chair with plastic wheels. Or the baby is big and with 2 months the carrycot is too small, but still do not want (and should not) pass it to the chair.

To avoid these situations, we wrote a guide. To begin we explained the parts of the stroller, including all their names. Then we show you the 5 questions that you have to ask before choosing a stroller . There is no universal solution, each family, each situation is different, that is why it is important that you ask yourself these questions and decide between one model or another according to the answers. Because the stroller is an important investment and you will use it every day for approximately 2 years.

Buying complete guide for your baby prams & strollers.

Buying a new baby prams & strollers is a very good step, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Here’s how to research, locate, price and negotiate to buy your baby prams & strollers . Mobile technology makes these steps easier than ever, and it is now entirely possible to shop for a new baby prams & strollers while you’re visit here : https://www.mydeal.com.au/baby-and-kids/equipment/prams-and-strollers to have look such a quality products for your baby needs.

Instagram Promotion Via Stunning Captions

Instagram Promotion Via Stunning Captions. Thousands and thousands of people globally at the moment are the use of Instagram. Instagram has made it easier to take snap shots and percentage them with buddies and plenty of people experience doing this. aside from networking, you may use Instagram in a extra efficient manner for advertising. Instagram is a notable promotional tool you could use to sell your business on-line.

Snap shots are well worth 1000 phrases and Instagram is all approximately pictures. in case you are into Instagram for marketing functions, you then have to take into account that random photos do now not work. You want to put up snap shots of your product constantly. Posting snap shots of your merchandise is one of the fine ways of growing your logo recognition and improve sales of your merchandise. The pics do now not always need to be very expert. the important thing element is having the pix spotlight the primary capabilities and functions of the goods you’re selling. The pics must enchantment huge target audience on Instagram.

Movies too are important in Instagram advertising. you may create and share a video along with your employees to sell the product at hand. you can additionally opt to do a live product overview video and proportion it on Instagram. pix and motion pictures are greater appealing to many people than textual content files. Media files stand better possibilities of going viral as human beings percentage them. they’re additionally more memorable than text documents. Create photographs and films that display your emblem story and values. So photos and motion pictures are important if you want to improve your emblem and sales.

To enhance your visibility, you need to make and percentage 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac pictures and films in your feeds. in which necessary, are looking for expert assistance or advice from a photographer. but, you may use a superexcellent camera to take sharp photos. attempt to get your pix at first-rate angles. Edit your images for better effects. in recent times mobile phones are ready with picture enhancing tools for this reason. Instagram too has numerous picture modifying gear. follow this gear on your Instagram advertising and marketing purpose.

maintaining contact together with your customers is critical, specially for growing enterprise with a small marketplace percentage. you could begin by using displaying your customers that you are involved about their comments. you can achieve this with the aid of replying to their questions and feedback. this will improve consumer-generated content and credibility as well as sell the visibility of your merchandise and enterprise. Your Instagram followers can drastically affect the fulfillment of your enterprise, and you have to by no means underestimate them.

Hashtags are applicable in Instagram marketing. You want to use them because Instagram customers have interaction using hashtags. Hashtags permit customers to make your contents searchable and are vital in case you want to boom your fans. Has tags like media can create a viral impact that is useful in your commercial enterprise. you could also take benefit of trending hashtags particularly if the hashtags are associated with your product. that is crucial because Instagram users can use hashtags to search for posts.

You ought to encompass your business name in you hashtags. Use particular hashtags for a particular promotional campaign you run. now not only does this sell your marketing campaign, however it additionally offers a unique hashtag on your clients to connect and percentage with other individuals.

whilst sporting out your Instagram marketing buzz, you need to remember the fact that Instagram is a network composed of humans with various thoughts, emotions, and heritage. continually be pleasant to each person and recognize their time to connect to you on your web page. constantly make certain you listen to your customers.

put up at the least as soon as every day to hold matters updated and make certain your followers up to date with the cutting-edge happenings. you could test posting at varying times of the day to look which time your posts do excellent.

Consistency is essential in Instagram marketing. Be regular in your postings and develop a subject that is distinguished for your posts. permit your followers recognize what to anticipate from you.

connect your Instagram and facebook debts to enhance your advertising energy. in recent times, you could have an Instagram tab in your fb web page. This allows you to share your Instagram posts in your facebook followers if you have a fan web page.

you may community with friends and the world via Instagram. Instagram may be used for advertising purposes. Instagram advertising and marketing can improve your brand’s visibility, boom income, and consequently revenues. take into account the above cited Instagram advertising suggestions to achieve success.

Instagram Captions Buzz


Buzz of Instagram captions in 2018. Instagram as a social media platform is a huge buzz. image sharing, video sharing, live memories, geolocation, hashtag feed, more than one picture post, upgrades in the DM function, stickers and polls for Instagram stories at https://captiontool.com and a whole new bunch of superior features for the platform are being brought very frequently at the application.

Restrained handiest to being a cellphone utility and a plain website, Instagram has emerged out as one of the maximum used and loved social apps today.

Instagram Captions Buzz


Having said all this, what’s equally mentioned is the Instagram API replace and the Instagram API changes. Exasperation spread among manufacturers and marketers anywhere after the release of the Instagram API modifications. brands and 0.33-birthday party applications have been exposed to stringent regulations and policies and had been required to abide through the API update.

Earlier than and after the Instagram API get admission to replace

Before the discharge of the Instagram API, organizations had to view metrics thru insights at the application. but, metrics insights can now be accessed on the brand new API platform it is prepared in a higher manner.

Monitoring performance of the natural content material on 0.33-party equipment will now be easier with this API because it’s now built on the equal approach as is fb’s Graph API.

The brand new metrics and insights will empower corporations to stay beforehand in the race for the performance of their natural content over what they formerly had been receiving with 1/3-birthday celebration gear.

Why is Instagram metrics and analytics required?

Instagram analytics is a crucial a part of Instagram advertising strategies. advertising efforts installed through brands can quantity to being a waste of cash and resources with out suitable analytics reviews. Analytics help in figuring out how amazing are the advertising strategies. What consequences are acquired after making use of the advertising approach and so on. may be tracked effortlessly for enhancing the performance and approach in the direction of advertising and marketing and advertising content. Though some issue related to iphone connection to Instagram with facebook, but thats solved.

Brand overall performance on Instagram can be easily decoded with Instagram analytics with the brand new Instagram API replace.

Content monitoring feature for Instagram captions

Instagram API update is inclusive of a new functionality that permits groups to restriction and mild content material. agencies can successfully use this feature to hide remarks in mild of organic content. As a bendy choice to show or not to display comments and toggle between them, this guarantees a wholesome platform is maintained for expression of mind.

In addition to this selection, an automatic gadget also detects offensive and provoking comments and helps groups in their content material moderation practices.

Commercial enterprise profile compatibility with the Instagram API replace

A business profile on Instagram may be now required to for getting access to the Instagram API update. A facebook login is likewise required for the use of third-party gear with the newly released API.

Present API tools can be used to and accessed via agencies, however, this does not include the gain of accessing the brand new functions. moreover, fb login will be a requirement for this.

Instagram API as the fb Graph API

Fb contains numerous useful updates to their Graph API that is inclusive of-

Facts can be accessed from a hundred and forty million worldwide locations.
extra engagement metrics for any URL.
study-After-Write API calls to guide.
up to date page insights endpoint.
a new API endpoint created to without difficulty connect a fb consumer from the brand’s utility to their Messenger Bot.
a couple of capabilities for leveraging the electricity of the advertising and marketing API.
Video API with endpoints for move-posted movies.
Updates to web hooks, facebook’s subscription-primarily based push provider for apps.
Instagram API update metrics and insights you must understand
Instagram has an abundant variety of metrics and insights for manufacturers and corporations to degree their performance, examine, and analyze their desires and consequences, apprehend audience liking and behavior and then deliver modifications in their advertising strategies hence.

For character posts, brands can music attain, impressions, saves, and video and profile views.

In stories, brands can song exit costs, impressions, internet site clicks, reach, replies and those insights. testimonies on Instagram are a brand new method that is supporting advertisers music performances.

For the target market, brands can song age, gender, top places. Age and gender are widespread information that’s asked for each social platform.

With Instagram having modified its API for web sites and get entry to, it is turning into critical by using each passing day for brands to evolve to it for a rich business. Posting Instagram captions buzz 2018.

Features That Make In Cat Ear Headphones Indispensable For Head-phone Users


Cat Ear Headphones come in two basic forms: First of all the ones that sit down on or over the ear sometimes referred to as circumaural, large, supra-aural, open or closed Cat Ear Headphones and secondly in headsets Cat Ear Headphones or earbuds which as the name advises fit into the headsets like earplugs.

KOMRT Cat Ear Headphones for Kids

Many people prefer in ear Cat Ear Headphones because of their moveability and small size making them easy to put away when not being utilized. Being inserted in the ear canal and creating a tight fit, these Cat Ear Headphones are also have the good thing about reducing the amount of ambient or external noise which could affect the listening experience and are thus often referred to an noises reduction or noise remoteness earphones. In ear Cat Ear Headphones can be subdivided into two different categories: Ear canal buds, which sit just inside the outer hearing and ear canal which fit more snuggly and deeper into the headsets.

Choosing a Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

When it comes to buying perfect and user friendly Cat Ear Headphones, buyers need to check the characteristics below to ensure they buy a pair simply perfect for their use:for more feathers visit here https://catearheadphonesreview.com/ .

Comfort level: The to start with thing that customers should think about is the level of comfort purchasing any head-phone set. The amount of comfort ensures people feel great and will enjoy listening to their music and videos with no aggravating soreness in the ears to distract them. These days and nights, with so many new materials available and the high standard of executive precision make this goal easily achievable.

Elegant design: Being available in small size minus headband, in ear Cat Ear Headphones are preferred by people who wish to listen to good music through their mobiles or MP3 players whilst on the move. Designers have developed a number of designs and colour options to allow people to express their individuality.

Ergonomically-engineered: Today, individuals have become more health conscious. Hence, manufactures have started making Cat Ear Headphones that are ergonomically-engineered and are best suited to individuals requirements. So buyers need to check the caliber of components including the adjustable soft rubber material of the ear show or ear buds that fit in the headsets.

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

Sound: Cat Ear Headphones are known for their ability to reduce external noise allowing almost undistorted sound quality to get to the ears. This kind of noise reduction or noises cancellation can be achieved either passively by the seal between headphone and the ear or make an effort to using electronic circuitry.

Value: The price of Cat Ear Headphones is determined on the basis of features, materials quality, sound output and brand perception. There is something for all those budgets.

The Hope For The Individuals Suffering From Infectious Diseases


World Health Organization (W.H.O) defines infectious diseases as “these are the diseases are those which caused by pathogenic micro-organisms such as parasites, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungus, and other microbes; these infectious diseases can be spread and transfer, directly or indirectly, from one individual to another.”

These parasitic nature micro-organisms entered in human body by means of our daily food and water and then grow and multiply quickly in human body with adequate growing environment. Parasites are found everywhere around us, in our homes, kitchens, washrooms, offices, hospitals, playgrounds and gyms. Once these contracted with the body and entered in humans then first of all they target digestive system (stomach & digestive tract) and cause numerous digestive infections. Parasites rob all good stuff from our daily diet and leave for us the bad one. These parasites are called the successful organisms on planet because they grow on host body and consume their living agents from them. These are the enemies of humanity and kill 3.5 million people every year according to the report of World Health Organization (W.H.O), even though many causes are not in records. The many diseases caused by these tiny microscopic parasites cannot become in records because the symptoms of theses infectious diseases resembles with others.

After reading this article you will have a clear idea about infectious diseases and how these caused and what is the best way to get rid of them. The infected individuals by infectious diseases caused by parasites dealing with;

  • Extreme Fatigue Feelings
  • Stress and restless conditions
  • Itches on different area of body with bowels
  • Painful and swollen joints
  • Fever, sweating and chills
  • Anemia
  • Swelling in your hands, legs and feet
  • Hair loss
  • Skin allergies like rashes
  • Feeling hungry again and again
  • Abdominal pains

The other major infectious diseases caused by parasites are cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery. Many times these fatal diseases result in the death of infected person.

Many infected individuals understand the most common symptoms of their illness but they cannot understand why they would have nerve damage? Once infected person understand exactly why he having

  • Muscle cramps
  • Muscles weakness problems
  • Numbing or inability to fell sensation in hands & feet
  • Inability to feel sensation
  • Blood pressure problems
  • Too much or less sweating
  • Heart rate issues and chest pains
  • Bladder control issues
  • Bloating and burning

When symptoms appears, if you will delay to choose the best solution further, you will be encountered by many other infections as the germs rapidly divide and they may damage your organs badly. Recent researches show that these micro-organisms as the capacity to resist the many antibiotics by building a protein coat around them.

So if you are suffering any of above symptoms you might have a parasitic infection in your body and Parasites ParaZapper products from ParaZapper are the best choice to kill the parasites in water base environment. This product is technically advanced and they are expected to be effective in killing parasites, so there is a significant opportunity for using these devices to save human lives. Additional studies are needed.

What is a Meme?

A meme is considered to be a cultural item that is transmitted from one mind to another. There are various ways to pass them on such as writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena. Memes are the basic building block of our minds and cultures in much the same way that genes are the basic building blocks of biological life due to the way that they self-replicate and respond to selective pressures. Essentially, memes are ideas that evolve according to the same principles that govern biological evolution.

Related image

The term itself was coined by Richard Dawkins. He took the word mimeme and shortened it in his book, “The Selfish Gene” published in 1976. Dawkins used the term to refer to anything that an observer might consider as a replicator and defined it as a unit of cultural transmission or a unit of imitation. Theorists on the subject assert that memes evolve by natural selection through the processes of variation, mutation, competition, and inheritance. If you want more examples you can check them on http://happydaysblog.com/category/meme/. They are spread through the behaviors that they generate in their hosts and not all memes are beneficial. They generally replicate through exposure to humans, who have evolved as efficient copiers of information and behavior. However, they are able to change over time due to the face that people do not always copy them perfectly or because people may refine, combine, or otherwise modify them with other memes to create new memes. Changes are not always a bad thing and often help memes survive where others fail.

Memes spread in a similar way to contagions, passing from one person to another. Those that are good at replicating tend to leave more copies of themselves in minds and are often written down in books or on websites, which helps them to survive and often thrive. Those that are not so good at replicating tend to die out. The most popular version of this nowadays is the internet memes. At its most basic, this is simply the passing on of a digital file or hyperlink from one person to others using methods available through the internet such as email or instant messaging. At its heart, an internet meme is an inside joke which happens to have a large number of internet users in on it. These types have a tendency to evolve and spread extremely swiftly, sometimes going in and out of popularity in just days.

Though not everyone agrees on what a meme is or what value they have, it is hard not to recognize that they exist due to the increase of occurrences on the internet. Many books have been written on the subject and the theory is constantly evolving. With our ever evolving technology and our ability to connect with people all over the world in the matter of seconds, who can tell where the future of memes is headed.

Types of Leather Used for Making Jackets

The big difference in the kinds of leathers is mainly related to where the hide is sourced from. A basic big difference in the leather types is the size of the animal. For instance, the most significant animal, such as a cow will produce a natural material that is a whole lot thicker and heavier than alternatives sourced from a pig or other small animal. Here are a few of the major types of leather:

Buffalo and cow

The hardest leather is sourced from large animals like zoysia grass and cow. This sort of hide is a practical choice for an array of items, such as http://soldier76jacket.com/ jackets, shoes, and furnishings. It is very stiff and appreciated for its ability to provide great abrasion protection and resistance. But, the normally heavy weight may have a negative impact on comfort and drape. The high strength level makes it a practical choice for motorcycle protective gear. Jackets in cow hide need quite a little bit of time to fully wear in and give the fit that is actually comfortable. Also, the grain on the buffalo hide is more than on a cow.

Lamb and sheep

The leather sourced from lamb and sheep is light, supple and has a grain a lot finer than alternatives. Yet, it is still very durable and tough. Lamb is the softer of the 2 and has a buttery like feel. The sheep hide gives a great balance when it comes to strength, comfort and style. This leather is ideal for the jacket style that really needs a lot of flexibility, including the reefers, blazers and bomber jackets.


Pig leather is a low quality option. It has a shiny, plastic like finish and is quite thin. Because it is naturally thin it does not give the greatest durability.

What are different finishes?

In addition to the kind of leather, there are many getting brownish naturally methods used to create the distinct finishes. Some of the finish can have a significant influence on the appearance of a jacket or part of furniture. The most popular tanning methods include suede, nubuck, aniline and Napa. Most methods help to increase the durability, elasticity and softness of the original leather. Nubuck is a high-quality option and has one of the most comfortable finishes. Napa is among the most expensive. On the other hand, the suede and nubuck finishes do require special treatment to avoid water related problems, like staining.

Mechanisms of pro-hemostatic action of recombinant factor VIIa

tca mechanism of action

Measurement of rFVIIa in plasma can be performed using a specific assay of the activated form of FVII using a recombinant variant of FT (Staclot ®VIIa-TF, Diagnostica Stago) [42]. The usual FVII measurement technique, derived from the Quick time, can also be applied to the measurement of rFVIIa because its principle consists of the quantitative conversion of the zymogen into its activated form which is then measured. The activity obtained represents the sum of rFVIIa and endogenous FVII, but this, close to 1 U / mL, is negligible compared to rFVIIa administered at therapeutic doses (20-30 U / mL immediately after the intravenous bolus of 90 mcg / kg). However, the results are highly dependent on the reagent used, human thromboplastins being able to give a result three times lower than that obtained with rabbit thromboplastins or recombinant [43].

Finally, FVIIa can be measured by an immunoassay technique (Imubind ®FVIIa, American Diagnostica). Comparison of the biological activity with the antigen indicates that the specific activity of rFVIIa decreases over time, probably as a result of partial degradation in vivo [43] Visit https://itspsychology.com/ for more info about mechanism of action.
The rFVIIa level is a pharmacokinetic indicator but it is not predictive of the hemostatic response at the individual level. The usual laboratory tests (Quick – TQ – and Activated Partial Thromboplastin time – TCA -) can not be more. The time of Quick does not reproduce the physiological haemostasis because the concentration of FT used for its realization is from 10 4 to 10 5that estimated at the site of a vascular breach. Between 0 and 5 U / mL, rFVIIa progressively shortens the TQ from its baseline (10-12 s) to 7-8 s. For concentrations greater than 5 U / mL, the TQ no longer varies. RFVIIa shortens the TCA, a very long hemophiliac. It probably acts by the direct activation of FX, independent of FT, on the phospholipid surface of the assay [44].

tca mechanism of action
If rFVIIa only sub-optimally restores thrombin generation, any other element of variability in physiological haemostasis may be critical to treatment efficacy. Thus, the FV Leiden level modulates thrombin generation in a hemophilia A plasma model [45]. The level of FII [25], the number of platelets [7] and the pro-coagulant activity of these [46] have a major influence on thrombin generation. These elements are subject to a wide genetic and / or acquired variability and may explain some failures of rFVIIa treatments at the usual doses, observed in about 10% of patients. The detection of these would optimize their treatment.
The most relevant index of the pro-hemostatic effect of rFVIIa appears to be the total amount of thrombin produced in blood or platelet-rich plasma in response to very low FT concentrations. The approach developed by Hemker et al. [47] is probably suitable but has not yet been evaluated in this application. A different approach based on the measurement of whole blood clotting times after recalcification of plasma (ACT-LR, Hemocron ® , International Technidyne). [48] The coagulation time exceeds the measurement limits (400 s) in hemophiliacs because the test involves the so-called intrinsic pathway of coagulation. In vitro addition rFVIIa at a concentration above the usual pharmacological concentrations (200 nmol) reduces the time to a measurable value (order of 300 s, the normal value being 140-180 s). This partial correction is better in clinically responders (n = 4) than in those with experience of treatment failure (n = 4). Subject to confirmation with larger numbers, this method is the first to show a possible relationship with a clinical efficacy criterion.


In vitro reproduction Physiological coagulation is made difficult by the very nature of the studied system which is sensitive to contact with any surface other than the healthy vessel. Several models developed recently make it possible to understand the abnormalities responsible for the haemorrhagic or thrombotic risk in various clinical situations, in particular hemophilias. The TCA Mechanism of Action of rFVIIa has been studied using these models. At usual therapeutic doses, the efficacy of rFVIIa probably results from its ability to accelerate the generation of FXa, thus thrombin, in the initial phase of coagulation, thus normalizing the clot formation time and correcting the lack of activation of the clot. platelets. In contrast, the FX activation by rFVIIa on the activated platelet surface being much lower than that achieved by FIXa in the presence of FVIIIa, the thrombin generation at the coagulation amplification phase proceeds more slowly than in the normal subject and remains incomplete. RFVIIa only partially corrects the lack of clot stability observed in hemophiliacs. Significant individual variability in response to rFVIIain vitro is obvious but can not yet be identified by a simple laboratory test.
These elements make it possible to understand the efficiency and the limits of rFVIIa treatment as well as the interest of research in new directions. In all models, the effect is not saturated beyond the usual pharmacological concentrations, suggesting a potential benefit from using higher doses than currently recommended. Reciprocal relationships between thrombin and platelets legitimize the evaluation of rFVIIa in situations of quantitative or qualitative platelet deficiency or other intrinsic pathway deficits (eg FXI), when they are not accessible to substitution therapy. The significant apparent therapeutic margin of rFVIIa in