Essential Equipment To Buy For A Baby

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Baby has already grown well inside you? His coming is planned for the coming weeks? It is therefore wise to check if you have everything necessary before arrival.

The equipment to buy essential for baby

Indeed, you cannot wait to receive certain objects or accessories as gifts. They must be ready by the time you come back from the maternity with your toddler. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between what is really useful and what can be put on the birth list. This worries you? Do not panic! The Baby Madness team reviews everything you need.

List of items needed to care for baby

Find below all the essential baby equipment to take care of your baby from birth.

Material and accessories reserved for mom

Nursing pillow . Despite what the name says, it is a multipurpose accessory . It will keep baby in a comfortable position and not just when it will be time to eat. It can also stall your back and you avoid a lot of pain.

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Breastfeeding compresses . To be added in the bag for the maternity, in case of unforeseen milk pours.

Nursing bra . It has an opening that will allow you to feed baby with ease.

Baby feeding utensils

Bottles Whether you are breastfeeding or not, they are to be expected. You will not be able to be with baby every moment.

A bottle brush to clean

A sterilizer

A bottle warmer

Several small bibs to avoid staining clothes.

Nightwear for the child

Cradle. For the baby’s sleep during his first months of life, it’s a must.

Nacelle or maxi-cosi . The child will be properly kept out of his room. In addition, these small transportable beds are attached in the car or on a stroller.

Sleeping bag. This is a much better solution than blankets and sheets. Be sure to cover your arms and legs, even in the summer.

Mattress cover. Opt for a honeycomb model, which will circulate the air. They are more hygienic and will prevent baby from choking.

To help secure and improve infant sleep, do not rush into a baby block . Wait to see how the child’s nights unfold in order to adopt a suitable solution . Many possibilities exist.

Equipment to take baby everywhere

Car seat group 0 . They keep the child properly back to the road , keeping the fragile areas (head, neck) safe until his 18 months.

Stroller. Many models exist. Pay attention to certain details before choosing.

Folding . Choose your stroller according to the place you have to store it at home and / or in your car.

Wheels adapted to your environment . If you plan to take a regular walk in the country, prefer off-road tires.

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Accessories for the care and the toilet of the child

Bathtub or other. To wash your infant, no special recommendations, different options available to you. The main thing is to choose a device adapted to your room and the size of the baby.

Changing table, bathroom furniture, etc . Here again, you have the choice. The goal will be to get the child out of the water in a single gesture, as short as possible.

Cape of bath . She will dry the child by covering her head.

Thermometer . It will allow you to monitor the temperature of the water, so that it is adequate.

Mattresses and everything necessary to change baby . To make your life easier, we recommend placing them close to where the toddler spends his nights.

Newborn clothing

Half a dozen bodysuits and pajamas. Avoid anything that slips on and prefer clothes that open fully . They are much safer and more practical every day.

A cotton nightcap , so that the child is warm everywhere for any occasion, especially when leaving the maternity ward.