How to use a vacuum cleaner?

vacuum cleaner

What brush for cushions, radiator, parquet, and mattress? Why clean the filters on your vacuum? Here are our tips for your vacuum cleaner.

  1. The accessories

Are you lost in front of all the accessories of your best vacuum cleaner? Whichever area you want, you’ll find the right accessory:

The combination brush:

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  • Lever in high position for carpets and rugs.
  • Lever in low position for all hard floors.
  • The crevice tool: for pleats, skirting boards and corners.
  • The furniture brush: for moldings.
  • The cushion brush (small nozzle): for sofas, cushions and curtains.
  • The mattress nozzle: ideal to suck all the mites from your mattresses.
  • The radiator brush: to reach the difficult places of your radiators.
  • The parquet brush: with its soft and long bristles, it will not damage your parquet.
  • The power head: it has its own motor and will be particularly effective for dirty carpets. It removes encrusted dirt without leaving traces.
  • The turbo brush: it is rotating and is activated with the speed of the air. It will perfectly remove yarns, hair, pet hair and other stuffed animals from short pile carpets.

These accessories may not be available for your vacuum model.

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  1. The telescopic tube

Adjust the length of your telescopic tube so you do not have back pain anymore. You will also more easily reach the dust under your furniture.

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Thanks to the small slider on your telescopic tube, you reduce the suction power. For example, when you pass on a rug or rug, to prevent it from peeling off the ground.

  1. Goodbye bad smells

Your vacuum cleaner does not smell good when you start vacuuming? Place a scent cartridge in the bag or tank of your vacuum cleaner to avoid bad odors.

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  1. Clean the filters

Non-cleaning filters not only reduces the suction power but can also damage your device.

  1. Change the bag or empty the tank

Avoid vacuuming too long with a bag or a full tank.

  1. Store your vacuum cleaner correctly

If the hose is bent, it could be damaged and the seal would not be ideal.